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Exploring Money Services and Personal Loan Options

Speedy Cash has been working with customers in store and online for more than 25 years. Our goal is always to provide the best possible options for our customers, and many of our customers have continued to work with us for years utilizing the available money services and personal loan options as needed. The new year is a time for new beginnings, and for many people, particularly after the holiday season, their yearly goals involve a better relationship with their finances. While making plans and goals for this year, regroup and take a moment to review the money services and loan options that are available at Speedy Cash.

Before you head to your closest Speedy Cash store, always double check to ensure that the service or loan option you are interested in is available in your area.

convenient money services

Money Services

Our in-store money services are quick, convenient, and our team strives to provide excellent store experiences each time you stop by. Creating a relationship with our customers is a highlight and a priority. Helping people with their money services needs and loan options as needed makes our team members feel fantastic. Our in-store teams truly care about our customers and want to create a seamless, wonderful experience. If you’re not sure which money services we offer, let’s explore together.

stress free check cashing

Check Cashing

Our goal at Speedy Cash is to offer a quick, hassle-free check cashing experience. Many of our stores are open later than banks, making it easier to work with your undoubtedly busy schedule. Additionally, Check Cashing at Speedy Cash does not require a bank account. Many people do not have access to or choose not to utilize banking services which makes finding a reliable place to cash a check a necessity. If you often find yourself wondering, where can I find Check Cashing near me? You can likely find a Speedy Cash store nearby. Rules, restrictions, and fees apply. See store for details.

money order near me

Money Orders

Purchasing a Money Order at Speedy Cash is a convenient, reliable alternative to cash. Money Orders are also widely accepted and can be used to pay vendors or people who do not accept cash or checks. A recipient can be named if you wish, and many places require an ID to cash a Money Order. Cash or funds from a Speedy Cash loan can be used to purchase a Money Order in store. Keep in mind when using a Money Order that you will need to confirm with the recipient, particularly if you’re paying a bill, that Money Orders are accepted.  

money transfer near me

Money Transfers

A Money Transfer, also known as a wire transfer, makes it possible to send funds to family, friends, and many businesses within the US and even internationally. At Speedy Cash, our Money Transfer money services are offered through MoneyGram®. Our customer service teams in store, however, handle the logistics to help you send money and offer the same great experience you’re accustomed to with our team. Money Transfer services can be a quicker alternative to sending money in the form of cash, checks, money orders or even through banks.

prepaid debit card

Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card

You can typically use a Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card to receive a direct deposit paycheck, pay bills with the card, and make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted. Prepaid debit cards are a convenient tool, particularly for our customers who do not currently have a debit or credit card. If you do not have a bank account and debit card or credit card, a Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card is an excellent option to help you utilize convenient options like online payments.

gift card buyback near me

Gift Card Buyback

One of the unique money services offered at Speedy Cash stores is our Gift Card Buyback service. I don’t know about you, but I often find old gift cards in my wallet that have never been used. Friends, family, and workplaces often mean well by gifting a gift card, but sometimes they don’t know your preferences and the funds can go unused. Turn those unused gift cards into cash by visiting a Speedy Cash store and taking advantage of our Gift Card Buyback service where available! Not all cards accepted, please see store for details.

loan options

Loan Options

While our available money services are in fact offered in a speedy fashion, our name is Speedy Cash for a reason. We specialize in personal loan options that may be able to provide a little breathing room when you’re facing a financial hurdle. Each state has different regulations when it comes to personal loans, so make sure to check out what’s available in your state. We’re dedicated to abiding by applicable rules and regulations of each state in which we operate, and we have solidified that commitment by joining the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA). Our membership in the OLA extends to our family of brands and we are dedicated to following the best practices outlined by their standards and expectations. Not all of our loans are offered online, however, so you’ll want to double check depending on the loan you’re interested in and the regulations set by your state of residence. Title Loans for example must be secured in person.

payday loan near me

Payday Loans

Short-term Payday Loans may offer financial assistance when you need it most. We encourage our customers to explore their options when facing financial difficulty. Once it has been determined that a Payday Loan is a viable option, the Speedy Cash application process is simple and quick. Funds can typically be deposited into your account as quickly as the next business day or given to you in cash in store as soon as the same day. Repayment of the loan plus fees is due on or around your next pay day. Rates, terms and conditions apply.

installment loan near me

 Installment Loans

Paying a loan back as soon as your next payday might not be the best option for all of our customers. That’s why Speedy Cash offers Installment Loans which can be paid back in installments over time. If you choose to pay off your loan earlier than outlined in your loan agreement, you could save money by cutting down your interest. There is no penalty for paying your loan off early. Interest is at a fixed rate and payments are fixed as well. In some states, you may be able to borrow up to $3,000 via an Installment Loan. Rates, terms and conditions apply.


line of credit near me

Line of Credit

Sometimes expenses fluctuate, particularly larger projects that may require multiple payments. For example, if you’re having work done on your home, you may not know exactly how much money the total project will cost. A Speedy Cash Line of Credit can be a great lending option in these situations because you can draw from your total approval amount a little at a time. You only pay interest on the amount you borrowed and you can borrow as much or as little as you would like up to your approved limit. Access to credit through a Line of Credit is revolving meaning as you pay down the outstanding loan balance, you typically retain access to the remaining credit. Rates, terms and conditions apply.

title loan near me

Title Loans

A Title Loan, sometimes called a Title Pawn, uses the title to an approved vehicle as collateral when securing a personal loan. Payments are made in installments or via single payment in the case of a single pay Title Loan. Availability and repayment options vary by state, so make sure to discuss the details with a Speedy Cash representative prior to finalizing a loan agreement if approved. Often, approved loan amounts are higher than what is available through a standard installment loan. You are able to keep your vehicle in your possession when utilizing a Speedy Cash Title Loan; however, you will give the title to the vehicle to Speedy Cash until the loan is paid off. It’s important to always make payments on time and in full to avoid potential repossession. Title Loans, where available, must be secured in person in order to complete an assessment of the vehicle that you are using as collateral. Once approved, you can drive away with cash in hand! Title loans are subject to minimum auto value requirements. Rates, terms and conditions apply. See store for details.

commitment to customers

Our Commitment to Our Customers

When you need assistance from Speedy Cash, we offer convenient options to meet you where you’re at! You can call, click, or come on in. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our customers over the phone, online, and in person at our conveniently located stores. We want to make sure that you understand the money services we offer and the rates and terms of any loan you apply for prior to signing for the loan.

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