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Who is Hiring? Look Here for Job Opportunities!

COVID-19 is still very much on our minds, but life is slowly returning to pre-pandemic elements. Take jobs, for instance. Employment went up by 850,000 in June 2021 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industries with the most gains are in leisure and hospitality, retail, and education.1

But that doesn’t mean other industries like the healthcare field aren’t looking for new blood. If you’re looking for a new job or a job change, there could be employment opportunities waiting for you! Read on to see who is hiring and what your future could hold.

Leisure and hospitality

We’ve all been aching to get out in public for a while now. And restaurants, bars, and hotels definitely want us back, too. The Labor Department reported the leisure and hospitality industry added 343,000 positions in June 2021.2 So if you’re a people-person, these might float your boat.

Fast food restaurants

Fast food is hurting for employees. You may find some good benefits, pay and options to draw you closer.

  • McDonald’s is looking for tens of thousands of workers. Some locations are paying people to interview and offering signing bonuses!3
  • Starbucks needs baristas. Thousands of positions are ready to be filled … like a nice cuppa Joe. Starbucks offers benefits like mental health assistance, childcare aid and catastrophe pay.
  • Taco Bell has nearly 50,000 job openings to fill. This opportunity sounds delicious.
  • Whataburger wants to double its size! They’re looking for 50,000 workers. They offer free leadership conferences and nice benefits like 401(k) matching.

Sit-down restaurants and bars

People have lunched, brunched, and drank at home for over a year. Now more bars, grills and restaurants are welcoming patrons inside. And they need the wait staff, cooks and dish washers to take care of them.

  • Applebee’s wants to add 10,000 workers to their grill and bar neighborhood.
  • Cracker Barrel is looking to hire 700 workers in the Atlanta area alone. Plus thousands more across the U.S. They may be hiring near you.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings wants nearly 7,500 workers for team member and manager positions.
  • IHOP is seeking 10,000 employees to up their restaurant staff.


Anyone looking to get away? Or at least, get away from home? You’re not alone. Hotels need the employees to care for tourists, weekend get-away-ers and vacationers! I’m talking front desk clerks, housekeeping, bell hops, managers and more.

  • Best Western Hotels & Resorts offers health insurance, 401(k) with matching, paid vacation, sick time, and free lunches. Plus discounts on hotel stays, insurance, cell phone and electronics, and more!
  • Hilton has almost 4,000 positions open. Benefits include generous travel discounts, health benefit plans, and retirement savings programs.
  • Marriott is seeking more than 5,000 workers across its several brands. You may find benefits in health insurance, life insurance, and 401(k) plans.
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has openings for nearly 1,000 workers. Benefits are insurance, paid holidays, PTO, and 401(k) plans with company matching.

Stores and fulfillment centers

Stores and distribution centers are looking for cashiers, warehouse associates and inventory stockers. Customer Service and Sales Representatives have lots of options for work, too.

Grocery and convenience stores

Store employees have been retail angels the last several months. And stores are still looking for more of them!

  • Aldi and Costco are looking to hire across several positions in the companies.
  • Dollar GeneralDollar Tree, and Safeway are hiring for tens of thousands of positions. These include in-store associates, stockers and supply chain. But some are also hiring delivery workers.
  • Kroger is looking for 10,000 new employees across the U.S.
  • 7-Eleven wants to take on another 16,000 employees.

Home improvement retailers

Some people have had extra time on their hands during the pandemic. So they decided home improvements were a must. Luckily, those retailers are open to customers AND more employees!

  • Ace Hardware has over 2,600 retail and warehouse positions available!
  • The Home Depot is hiring for almost 20,000 jobs in their distribution centers and stores.
  • Lowe’s has over 16,000 jobs to fill. Warehouse, store and corporate positions are available.

Warehouse and distribution centers

  • Amazon is hiring for a variety of possibilities. From administrative support and customer service to maintenance and warehouse positions. Amazon might have what you’re looking for. They usually do when I’m shopping anyway…
  • Target has over 10,000 open positions at distribution centers, stores, and corporate.
  • Walgreens is looking for almost 12,000 workers for their distribution areas.
  • Walmart has over 1,300 job openings in fulfillment centers. Plus drivers and transportation department openings!


2020 and beyond has been inconvenient (to say the least). But it has also pushed us toward more convenient options like delivery services. Sure, we’ve all had a pizza delivered, and now more jobs were created to feed the delivery service monster.

Products and food

These companies help everyday life stay in motion by delivering food and packages to us.

  • Domino’s is hiring for delivery jobs.
  • DoorDashGrubhub and Uber Eats are looking for delivery drivers.
  • Instacart is looking to fill shopping and delivery positions.
  • Papa John’s is looking for new employees for their pizza and delivery service.
  • UPS hubs are looking to hire for delivery jobs.


What would we do without our healthcare heroes?! But we need even more. And you may be one of them!

Nurses, techs and admins…

The need for healthcare never ceases. But amid the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare workers are in even higher demand. Hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare service companies are hiring.

  • Artis Senior Living has openings for nurses, cooks, dietary aids, and life enrichment assistants.
  • Davita is hiring over 4,400 workers including nurses, clinical support and patient care techs.
  • Discovery Senior Living has nurses, housekeepers and medical assistant staff positions open.
  • Ecumen has open positions for nurses, nurse aids and occupational therapists.
  • Houston Methodist is looking to fill healthcare job roles, including ICU nurses.
  • Soliant Health has nursing, speech therapy, and social work roles to fill.
  • Summa Health System wants to hire from nurses to security to office staff.
  • Quest Diagnostics has positions available including medical staff, customer service and administrative support.


Recently, the way we educate and deal with childcare has flipped on their heads. Learning online and daycare change-ups are becoming more of the norm.

Learning and teaching

School, work and childcare are speeding into new territory. As we continue to learn and grow, new opportunities are knocking.

  • Connections Academy is looking to fill several roles in teaching and administration.
  • K12 online learning is hiring for various teaching and administrative positions.
  • Kaplan is filling a variety of positions including instructors and customer support specialists.
  • KinderCare has over 3,300 job positions open!
  • Outschool is accepting applications.

Your next job awaits …

Some businesses may continue to struggle and some will rise to the occasion. Employment opportunities are still available in hospitality, retail, education, healthcare and more. By changing your state of mind and job interests, you may find one of the best jobs you didn’t know you‘d be looking for.


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