How Can I Get A Title Loan Without A Clear Title?

An auto title loan is a loan that is typically secured using the title of the vehicle as collateral. Some lenders, like Speedy Cash, offer what is called a second lien title loan, which allows you to apply for a title loan without a clear, lien free title. A clear title simply means that you fully own the car, there are no questions about the car ownership, and there are no outstanding loans against the car.

The process to apply for a second lien title loan is very similar to applying for a normal title loan, the main difference is that you will need to provide proof of your first lien as opposed to a clear title.

Speedy Cash Title Loan Process

Bring  Your Car

Bring your working vehicle to a participating Speedy Cash location.

Complete an Application

Fill out a loan application using your personal, income and vehicle information.

Our team will complete an inspection of your vehicle.

Receive Lending Decision

Your application and inspection will be processed, and you will receive a lending decision.

Review & Sign Loan Documents

If approved, sign your loan documents and drive away in your car with cash in hand.

Pay Back  Over Time

Repay your loan over a set period of time determined at the time of loan acceptance (or pay off at any time 

without penalty).

Speedy Cash Title Loan Requirements

To apply for a title loan, you will generally need the following items (loan requirements may vary by location):

  • Vehicle in driving condition
  • Proof of insurance
  • Clear title or proof of 1st lien*
  • Proof of address
  • Valid ID

*Clear title required at some Speedy Cash locations.

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