How Do Speedy Cash Loans Work?

At Speedy Cash, we know the types of hurdles most people have to jump over to get a loan, and we don’t want our Customers to be intimidated by long applications and strict requirements. That’s why we offer easy, consumer-friendly loan products that get our Customers in and out of Speedy Cash stores quickly. We feature payday loans, title loans, personal line of credit loans, and installment loans – all of which are simple to apply for.

Types of Loans from  Speedy Cash

Payday Loans

These loans are designed for Customers who need an advance on their next paycheck. Loans are short term and are the fastest loan option available to our Customers. You’ll need your valid ID, proof of income, and a checking account. Best for emergency cash, such as new tires or an unexpected doctor’s visit.

Title Loans

These loans are designed for Customers who do not wish to base their loan eligibility on income, but rather on the equity they have in their vehicles. You’ll need your clear title, proof of your address, a valid ID, and the vehicle you wish to use as collateral for your loan. Best for people with vehicles that are paid in full and don't want to use their income for loan eligibility.

Installment Loans

These loans are designed for Customers who need to borrow large sums of cash unavailable through our payday loans. Installment loans have longer repayment terms and fixed interest rates. You’ll need a valid ID and proof of your monthly income to apply. Best for people who need to make a large purchase and need extended time for repayment.

Line of Credit

These loans are designed for Customers who may need access to additional funds over a period of time. Personal lines of credit have flexible repayment terms accrue daily interest, and provide access to more cash as you pay down your loan. You’ll need to have a checking account to apply. Best for people need access to cash to manage a monthly budget.

Still Have Questions About  Speedy Cash  Loans?

Apply with Ease

You can start the application process online, by phone or in a Speedy Cash store. There is no appointment necessary for in-store applications, and online applications are accepted 24 hours a day. You can trust Speedy Cash to provide you with excellent service that is compliant with CFSA best practices. Simply complete the application, including information about your job and income. Choose your preferred loan type – selecting from a payday loan, installment loan, title loan, or line of credit. Review is instant, and approvals are usually granted within minutes of applying. The money you borrow is yours to use as you wish, and payments are easily scheduled for automatic ACH withdrawal from your checking account. Early payoff is accepted without penalty, and due date extensions are available to Customers who cannot afford to repay their loans in full on their next pay day.

Get Cash Now!

If you could use some extra money, but aren’t sure if there is a Speedy Cash loan for you, visit one of our stores or call us today to speak with a Speedy Cash representative. We will walk you through the borrowing process from start to finish, and we will work hard to ensure your application and approval time is as quick and easy as possible.

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