What Do I Need To Cash A Check?

When you're trying to figure out where to cash a check, look no further than your local Speedy Cash! Our helpful staff can walk you through our check-cashing process and help you get cash fast. There are just a few things you need to bring.

What Should You Bring?

Cashing a check at Speedy Cash is about as easy as it gets. All you need is the check itself and some form of identification. Unlike our competitors, Speedy Cash can cash any type of check, including government checks, personal checks, employment checks and money orders. Once we verify that you are who the check was intended for, you'll be on your way with your hard-earned money. Best of all, our check-cashing rates are very competitive, so you'll be able to keep as much of your check as possible.

Still Have Check Cashing Questions?

Speedy Cash makes it easy to cash your checks; even if you don’t have a bank account. Worried you won’t have what’s needed to get the cash from your check? No worry necessary; Speedy Cash is here for you. Keep reading to learn how we will work with you to cash a check with ease!

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