Title Loan FAQ's

Payday loans are helpful when you need to get cash fast. But where do you turn when you need more money than is available through a payday loan or when you do not have a checking account to secure your loan? If you own a car, have a steady income, and meet our other basic guidelines, you could qualify for a title loan.

Title loans use your car as collateral. Though you retain ownership of your car, Speedy Cash obtains a security interest in your vehicle that ensures your loan is paid should you default on payments. Whether you need to finance a major medical bill or need to replace a large appliance in your home, a title loan is an excellent alternative to a traditional bank loan or smaller payday loans.

I have a car but I need to use it to get to work. Can I still use my car?

Of course! Speedy Cash does not own your car when you take a title loan. You can continue driving it and will retain ownership so long as you repay your loan as agreed.

What happens if I can’t make my payments?

Although your car serves as collateral for your title loan, rest assured that Speedy Cash does not want to acquire your vehicle if you default on your payments. Instead, we will first make every effort to establish a payment plan that will get you back on track and allow you to keep your car. Still have questions about title loans? Continue reading below.

What is a title loan?

A title loan is a loan that is secured by a vehicle rather than a checking account. Find out more about title loans here.

How do car title loans work?

Title loans use the equity in your vehicle to secure a loan from Speedy Cash. Find out more about how title loans work here.

Will getting a title loan affect my ownership of my car?

No. You will retain ownership of your car. Visit this page to find out more about your car and title loans.

How long does it take to get a title loan?

Most title loans can be issued within 15 to 20 minutes. Learn more about the process of getting a title loan here.

How much money can I borrow for a title loan?

The amount of money you can borrow depends on a number of factors. For more information about the loan amount you may be eligible for, click here.

Can I still use my car during the use of the title loan?

Yes. Using your car as collateral for a loan does not transfer ownership to Speedy Cash. Click here to find out more about your car and title loans.

How do I pay off my title loan?

You will make payments according to your loan agreement. Make a loan payment or find out more about loan payments here.

Can I make minimum payments?

You must make payments according to your loan agreement. Some states allow for installment payments, which can be set up for ACH withdrawal. Learn more about loan payments here.

Can I pay it off early?

Yes. You can pay off any Speedy Cash loan early. Find out more about loan payments here.

Grab a Title Loan

If you need cash but do not want to use a checking account to obtain a loan, look to a title loan from Speedy Cash for your borrowing needs. You’ll retain ownership of your car and walk out of our stores with cash in your hands.