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Speedy Cash FAQ’s

If you've ever been overwhelmed by your finances, you're not alone. Here at Speedy Cash, we're committed to helping you gain control of your money using our hassle-free loans and other financial services designed to make your life easier. We're proud to help our Customers get cash fast.

Speedy Cash first opened in 1997 and has since expanded to operate hundreds of locations across the country. Our goal is and always has been to become the industry leader in payday loans while exceeding our Customers’ expectations for quality service and simplified borrowing. Today, we service payday loans in our stores and online, and we also offer installment loans, title loans, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, cash for gold, money orders, and wire transfers to assist our Customers with their financial needs.

We know you probably have some questions about our many services, and we can’t wait to answer them. Keep reading to find out more about each Speedy Cash service and how you can apply for a loan today.

General Questions

Here, we answer your general questions about Speedy Cash, our services, and our lending processes.

Payday Loan Questions

Looking for a short-term loan that will fill in the gaps until pay day? This section will address your most pressing questions about payday loans and cash advances.

Cash Advance Loans

Have questions about cash advances? We have answers.

Personal Credit Questions

Concerned about your credit history and how a bad credit score will affect your loan? Look here to find out more about bad credit and how you can apply for a loan.

Installment Loan Questions

Need to make a big purchase, but don’t have enough cash on hand to pay for it? This section will help you understand more about our long-term loans and fixed payments.

Line of Credit Questions

Do you need access to money on an ongoing basis? This section describes line of credit loans, and how they differ from payday loans and installment loans.

Title Loan Questions

If you need to borrow cash and want to use either your cars title or the equity you have in your vehicle as collateral, a title loan may be right for you. This section will help you understand more about title loans, including how you can retain ownership of your vehicle even after you borrow against it.

Account Management Questions

Have questions about managing your Speedy Cash account online? In this section, we answer all of your account questions!

Prepaid Debit Card Questions

Want to avoid the hassle of dealing with banks, but need the convenience of a debit card? Read here to find out more about the prepaid debit cards we offer, which can be used worldwide, including at ATMs.

Check Cashing Questions

Need to cash a check? Read here to find out more about how Speedy Cash can cash all types of checks – including personal ones.

Cash for Gold Questions

Have some gold lying around and want to turn it into cash? Read here to find out more about how you can get cash for gold at a Speedy Cash location, or by mailing it in for processing.

Money Order Questions

Money orders allow you to send guaranteed payment via certified funding. Read here to find out more about the money orders available from Speedy Cash.

Wire Transfer Questions

Looking for a safe and dependable means of quickly sending money to someone long distance? Speedy Cash money wire transfer services are reliable and unlimited.

Get Cash Fast with Speedy Cash

If you could use some extra cash in your pocket until your next pay day, don’t wait any longer to get the money you need. Apply for a loan today to experience for yourself what so many of our Customers already know: Nobody beats Speedy Cash for payday loans.

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