Money Order Services

Speedy Cash stores offer money order services as a safe and reliable option to make payments. Widely used today, money orders are a trusted method of payment preferred over sending personal checks or cash. Money orders are beneficial to both purchaser and recipient because they are prepaid, offering guaranteed payment and no overdraft fees.

What Are Money Orders?

A money order is a payment order for a specified amount of money (like a prepaid check) that can be used to pay bills or make purchases. Because the funds are prepaid, money orders may be a preferred method of payment. They can be cashed or deposited into a bank account - just like a check - without the worry of non-sufficient funds.

Money Order Process

One of the many benefits of being a Speedy Cash Customer is free money orders! The process to get a money order is easy! Visit any Speedy Cash location to exchange your cash for a money order. Simply write in a service provider or person's name on the face of the money order and mail, deposit or deliver to the recipient. Paying with a money order is that easy! And you can ensure your bills are paid in a fast, secure and timely manner.

Why Use Money Orders?

Money orders are an easy, safe and reliable payment option. If you don't have access to checks or a debit card, money orders are a convenient (and cheap!) way to make on-time payments. For bank account holders, money orders are a safe alternative to check payments and keep bank account information private and secure. Money orders are also a good way to safeguard your funds. As long as you keep your receipt, they can be tracked.

Have additional questions about our money order process? Contact us and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to help. For more information or to get a money order, visit one of our store locations today.