Money Order FAQ's

A money order is a form of payment that is certified and guaranteed not to bounce. Many people prefer money orders, as they are easy to track, replaceable and safer than using cash, a credit card, or checks. Perhaps you need to pay a government tax debt or child support payment. Money orders make it possible for you to prove your payment was both made and received. A money order is generated by a third party – like Speedy Cash – who makes out the money order for an amount that you decide. The funds are certified and guaranteed via Western Union® or MoneyGram® - both reputable payment processers. You can then send the money order payment to your payee without sacrificing the privacy of your bank account or credit card. You are guaranteed not to bounce your payment or incur overdraft fees.

A: When you don't have a checking account and need to send money through the mail, a money order from Speedy Cash is a safe, reliable choice. What is a money order? It's like a prepaid check, only the payee can access funds right away. You just provide funding for the money order, and we'll print it for the amount you specify. You can pay for your money order with cash — or you can even use a personal loan from Speedy Cash to fund your purchase! Money orders have tracking numbers, so they can be replaced if lost or stolen. And because you've already provided the funding, the recipient can get cash fast — there's no waiting time involved, because unlike a personal check, it doesn't need to clear the bank.

Cashing money orders is easy, even for people who don't have checking accounts. The recipient can go to any Speedy Cash store or anywhere money order services are offered to redeem the payment.
A: Speedy Cash makes it easy to get cash fast — and to send cash fast, too! When you need to get money to someone quickly, you can come to our store and get a money order. You may be wondering, "How do I get a money order?" It's simple — you can pay cash or use Speedy Cash funds, and the person or business receiving your money order can cash it right away.

Cashing money orders is easy. The recipient can cash it at any Speedy Cash store, or anywhere money order services are offered. It can also be deposited into a bank account, and the funds will be available right away.

Some transactions may require money orders instead of a personal check. For example, if you have a history of bouncing checks, a business might refuse to accept your personal check. Money orders are a reliable alternative to personal checks, and because they have tracking numbers, they can be replaced if lost or stolen.
A: If you have a checking account, you may be wondering why you would ever need to get a money order. Often, the reason Customers come to Speedy Cash is that a business or bill collector won't accept a check. Businesses don't have to accept checks — and many don't, because they worry about the risk of bounced checks. And sometimes, even businesses that normally accept checks will ask you for another form of payment. That's when a money order can help you.

You can pay for your money order with cash or with a personal loan from Speedy Cash. And cashing them is easy at any Speedy Cash location, or anywhere money order services are offered. Money orders are secure — just like personal checks, you can replace them if they're lost or stolen.

Money orders are a good option when you're paying someone who tends to hold on to your checks. For example, it's easy to forget about a big check you wrote if someone takes a month to cash it. You may think you've got extra money in your bank account, only to get an unpleasant surprise when someone finally cashes that outstanding check!
A: You can purchase a money order at your local Speedy Cash store. If you don't have a checking account or are making a purchase that requires secured funds, a money order is a fast, reliable solution. Just stop in your nearest Speedy Cash store with cash — or use your Speedy Cash loan funds — and we'll print your money order for the amount you specify. We currently don't offer this service online or by phone, but we're happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone.

You may have trouble getting a checking account, and that's one reason we offer certified funds. You can use them to pay bills, and the recipient can process the payment immediately, whereas a personal check can take a few days to process. And if your money order is lost or stolen, you can replace it.
A: We don't offer money orders online, but for your convenience, our stores are open evenings and weekends. Just stop in any Speedy Cash location and exchange cash for your money order — or pay using your Speedy Cash loan funds — and you could be out the door in a matter of minutes.
A: Money orders must be paid for in cash. If you do not have the cash, you can convert a Speedy Cash loan into a money order.

There's no application process. We'll just ask you who the payee is, confirm the funding for your money order and ask for photo identification. And cashing money orders with us is just as easy! If you are the payee, you'll just need to show photo ID to cash it.
A: Purchasing a money order is as simple as paying cash to a Speedy Cash representative and having it converted into a money order. Speedy Cash stores may charge a very small fee for this service. Your money order will be processed through Western Union® or MoneyGram® so that if it is ever lost or stolen, it can be replaced or refunded.
A: For more information about money orders, simply explore the rest of our Money Order FAQ section below, give us a call or visit your nearest Speedy Cash store to speak to a representative. Still have unanswered questions about Speedy Cash money orders? Keep reading.