Opt+ Prepaid Debit Cards

The Opt+® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card can be a great solution if you‘re looking for a daily payment alternative to cash. Prepaid debit cards work like traditional bank cards and debit cards. Simply open a prepaid debit card account, load the card, and begin using it for daily transactions - such as making online purchases or buying groceries.

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How Do Opt+ Debit Cards Work?

Choose Your Card

Opt+ offers three different card options, so you can choose the card that fits your wallet.

Direct Deposit Card

Direct Deposit Card

The direct deposit card gives you quick access to your paycheck and offers free PIN and signature purchases for a basic monthly fee of $5.95. Plus, your monthly fee will be waived if you have direct deposits exceeding $1,000 monthly. If your employer or benefits office offers direct deposit, and you plan to use your card several times within the month, this is good option for you.

Monthly Card

Monthly Card

With a monthly fee of $8.95, this option also offers free signature purchases and PIN purchases. If you plan to use your card more than 4 times on a monthly basis but don't have direct deposit, then this is the best card for you!

Pay as You Go Car

Pay as You Go Card

With the Pay As You Go card, you will only have to pay when you use your card. By default, if you are a new Opt+ cardholder, then you will automatically be enrolled in the Pay As You Go plan when you're first issued your card. If you only plan to use your card less than 4-8 times per month, then this is the card for you!

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