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Account Management FAQs

How do I access my online account?

To get to your online account, click on the orange Returning Customer Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner of our website. Type in your email address and password to view your account summary.

How do I set up my password as a new customer?

Once you enter your email address in the application, we’ll email you a temporary password to log into your account for the first time. You may then update your password.

I forgot my email address and password. How can I retrieve that information in order to log in?

Go to the Returning Customer Sign In page and click on the Did You Forget Your Password or Email Address link under the Log In button. You will have the option to get a temporary password emailed to you or answer your security question to gain access to your account.

Where can I update my account information?

Once you’ve logged in, you can update your email address, password and security question under Account Info in the Account Management tab.

Can I view and print my current loan documents?

Yes! Current loan documents are available to view and print in the Loan Documents tab.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for a new loan?

If you’re eligible to apply for a new loan, a button that says “New Loan” will appear on your account summary page. You will also see a Speedy Cash slider on your account home screen to choose your desired loan amount.

How do I apply for a new loan as a returning customer?

To apply for a new loan, log in as a returning customer, choose your desired amount on the Speedy Cash slider and click the “New Loan” button. You’ll go to an application with your information already filled in. Verify your information is correct and submit your application.

Can I change my repayment method online?

Your account will give you access to update or add a card as a repayment method. The most recently added card will be used for your loan repayment.

Where can I pay off my loan online?

In most cases you can pay off your loan in the Loan Summary tab of your account. Click on the "Make Payment" button under Manage my Loan.

Why does my online account look different?

Based on feedback from our customers, we've recently changed the look and function of online accounts so you can do more when you're on the go.

How do I update my Speedy Cash online account information?

Once you’re signed into your online account, click on the Account management tab on the left-hand side of the screen. You will then be able to update your account information by clicking on the appropriate tab: Contact Information, Income, or Banking. Save your changes and you’re all set!

Recent Updates to Your Online Account

In response to customer feedback, we’ve recently updated your online account experience. We’ve added new features to greatly improve the functionality of online account management. Take a moment to watch this video and find out what has changed in your account summary!

Information You’ll Find in this Video Tour

  • How to log in to your online account summary
  • How to navigate through your account summary
  • Where to find your open loan information
  • How to apply for a new loan
  • How to update your account and contact information