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How Do Prepaid Debit Cards Work?

If you're getting a personal loan from Speedy Cash, consider a prepaid debit card as well! Prepaid debit cards work similarly to regular debit cards. You load cash onto a prepaid debit card, similar to a gift card. When the card is out of money, it is declined. This is beneficial to you because with regular debit cards, you can overdraw on your card, making you incur a fee. Ouch!

Speedy Cash offers opt+® Visa® cards. To apply for one, you must be 18 years or old, with an address and have a valid ID. You will be given a temporary card for immediate use in the store and a customized card will be mailed to you. We offer three types of cards, but none of them require a fee to open your prepaid debit card account.

Speedy Cash wants to give you options, which is why we have partnered with opt+ to exclusively offer three different kinds of prepaid debit cards.

Pay As You Go Prepaid Debit Card

Pay As You Go debit cards are good if you don't need to use it very often, such as for emergency funds.

Monthly Prepaid Debit Card

We also distribute a Monthly prepaid debit card, which is ideal if you'll be making multiple small purchases.

Direct Deposit Prepaid Debit Card

The third is a Direct Deposit card, which is perfect if you'd like to have your paycheck or another source of cash directly deposited to your card.

Remember that our friendly loan experts at all of our Speedy Cash stores are willing to help you get a loan. We can load the money from your loan onto your opt+ card, keeping your money safe and secure. You can also bring in personal funds for a prepaid debit card if you do not have a bank account or if you are tired of bank fees and account minimums.

Still Have Prepaid Debit Card Questions?

I’ve never had a debit or credit card because I am worried about how much I will spend.

With a bank debit card or a credit card, what you spend is a big concern. If you're not careful, you can incur fees or a lot of interest for yourself. Prepaid debit cards prevent these problems because you can't overdraw from your account, and there's no interest payment.

How can I use my prepaid debit card?

You can use your prepaid debit card anywhere that traditional debit cards are accepted. Sign your name or enter your PIN number – it's as easy as that.

At what ATMs can I pull out the money from my prepaid debit card?

You can use any ATM to get money from your prepaid debit card. There isn't a fee to use a Speedy Cash ATM. For other bank ATMs, there is a fee, as with any other debit card.

Speedy Cash Can Help!

Using a prepaid debit card is a safe way to carry around your cash. Apply for your loan today and visit a Speedy Cash location to get your prepaid debit card.

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