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Looking for Employment? Top 5 Industries Hiring during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Sarah Sumner Kuhn

Everyone affected by the COVID-19 virus feels the concern over health and childcare, all while we're facing job loss fears in the face. But take heart, some industries are accelerating because of the change and need more employees to create success! E-commerce positions are booming and are set to continue that way. ZipRecruiter economist Julia Pollak was quoted in Quartz saying, "This crisis is really a breakout moment for gig companies and for delivery companies in particular ... that shift to e-commerce, which was already happening very rapidly, is just going to accelerate."

With that info in mind, the following essential service companies have open employment positions.

Stores and fulfillment centers

Grocery stores and distribution centers are struggling to restock shelves and keep up with the demand of panic-buyers. Due to the increased demand of toiletries and pantry items, these companies are looking to hire ASAP:

  • Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers to fill delivery positions and distribution center jobs.1
  • Safeway, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Meijer chains are hiring for in-store stockers but some are also hiring delivery workers.
  • Kroger is looking for 10,000 new employees across the U.S.2
  • Costco and Aldi are looking to hire across several positions in the companies.
  • CVS wants to fill 50,000 new positions nationwide.3
  • Walgreens has 9,500 job roles to fill.3
  • 7-Eleven wants to take on another 20,000 employees.3
  • Walmart is looking to increase their staff by 150,000, and distribute cash bonuses. On April 2, 2020, part-time hourly employees will receive $150, and full-time hourly employees will receive $300.4

Product and food delivery

While we practice social distancing, these companies are helping everyday life stay in motion by delivering food and packages door-to-door. In case you haven't heard the buzz:

  • UPS hubs are looking to hire for delivery jobs.
  • Instacart is looking to fill shopping and delivery positions.
  • Domino?s is hiring for delivery jobs.
  • Papa John?s is looking for 20,000 new employees for their pizza and delivery service.3
  • DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub are looking for delivery drivers.
  • Grocery delivery company Shipt is hiring thousands of temporary workers.5


Healthcare needs never cease, but amid the COVID-19 crisis healthcare workers are in even higher demand. Hospitals, nursing homes and health care service companies are hiring.

  • Summa Health System wants to hire from nurses to security to office staff.
  • Ecumen has open positions for nurses, nurse aids and occupational therapists, just to name a few.
  • Quest Diagnostics has over 1,000 positions available including medical staff, customer service and administrative support.
  • Houston Methodist is looking to fill over 100 job roles, plus ICU nurses.
  • Soliant Health has over 40,000 positions for hire including nursing, speech therapy, and social work roles.
  • Discovery Senior Living has nurses, housekeepers and medical assistant staff positions ready to be filled.
  • Artis Senior Living is offering positions for nurses, cooks and dietary aids, and life enrichment assistants.

Many school districts have already closed, and many more are likely to follow before the spring semester is over. With kids only halfway through this semester, online teaching positions are becoming more of an option.

  • Outschool is currently accepting applications from residents and citizens in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.6
  • K12 online learning is hiring for various teaching and administrative positions.
  • Connections Academy is looking to fill several roles in teaching and administration.

Child care

Again, with schools and daycare centers shutting down across the nation, it's no surprise that babysitters are in high demand as alternative care.7

  • Reach out to friends and family as a paid resource for child care.
  • allows you to post your profile online for job opportunities.
  • shows postings for child care jobs.

Your next job awaits ...

Some businesses will continue to struggle through this crisis, but employment opportunities are still abundant in several different industries. By changing your state of mind and job interests, you may find one of the best jobs you didn't know you would be looking for.


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Sarah Sumner Kuhn
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