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3 Celebrity-Inspired Pantry Organization Hacks

By Sarah Sumner

As we're trying to keep ourselves positive and busy during these unfamiliar times, we can take it as an opportunity to do some of the housekeeping items we tend to push off. And why not have a little fun with it, too? Celebrities are just like us, or so we're told. But still. I don't have mega millions or even an extra couple hundred dollars to hire an organizing company to take my kitchen pantry to the next level.

Luckily, for tons of celebrity must-haves, there are regular person hacks. Trust me, money saving hacks are my jam! So I took some ideas from organized celebs and hacked them for real people.

The importance of an organized pantry

It may seem like no big ideal if your pantry is organized, or maybe that's just how you roll (no judgment). But there are some pretty helpful perks to having a structured pantry in your home.

  • Save money. By knowing what you have in your pantry, you won't be inclined to waste money buying stuff you already have in-house. (Hello, three opened boxes of spaghetti noodles!)
  • Don't lose it. With the pantry organized, items likely won't get lost or expire.
  • Save time. You'll know where your goods are so you can grab what you need in a hurry.
  • Save space. You can toss product boxes that take up extra room and have a functional flow instead of kitchen chaos.

But first, declutter

First, empty your pantry so you can see what you really have going on in that black hole of a mess (no shade intended). Earlier this year, I cleaned out my pantry - I had spices from 2011 and considered keeping them because they were barely used (I ended up tossing them). And once I started letting go, beginning with that expired jar of celery seeds, it was a lot easier for me to throw out the expired 2017 almond flour. *wince*

Now that all the pantry items you've decided to keep are sitting on your kitchen table and countertops, you need to figure out how you're going to make the space work for you. Below are some celebrity-inspired ideas that may work, or they might possibly jog some ideas of your own.

Chrissy Teigen - Vertical space

Chrissy Teigen wasn't afraid to go to new heights with her food shelf stacking. Chrissy utilized tiered shelves, stackable containers, and double-decker pedestals to maximize the vertical space waiting to be consumed. She bragged about the incredible organization on Instagram.

How to work it for less

  • Shelf risers can be easily made if you flip over a couple long, narrow containers of varying heights to place your spices or canned goods. You can choose to hot glue them together or let them be free standing.
  • Containers with lids are easy to stack. Narrow, thin, wide or thick, glass or plastic, you can use those lidded bins to increase your usable space.
  • A pedestal will make pantry-life a bit easier with twice as much organization. You can even make your own with a plate or plate-like item on the bottom, add a sturdy middle like a metal candle holder and place another plate on top. Voila!

Khloe Kardashian - Containers galore

Being part of the Kardashian Kamp means there isn't much that can contain them. But when we're focused on organization, that's a different story. Khloe's pantry shelves embraced containers, baskets, jars and bins. Her shelves feature clear and woven material bins (wire and plastic containers are nice alternatives). exhibited Khloe's Instagram pics which showed off her ultra-organized pantry.1

How to work it for less

Where can you get bins without a huge expense? Try peeking in your closets or storage room. Recycle those bins and containers you just don't know what to do with, and get yourself organized for cheap. If you look hard enough around your home, you'll probably find some of the following:

  • Square or rectangular shaped bins take up more usable space, opposed to round bins that waste shelf dimensions.
  • Clear or wire bins work very nicely because you can see the overall merch. Plus, they can give an aesthetically pleasing look. Plastic bins are great because they're cheap and easy to clean.
  • Want design or color? Get out that craft box with markers, colorful tape and decorations and give those bins some personality.

Mandy Moore - Label, label, label & (not so) Lazy Susans

Apparently, Mandy Moore was cool with taking the guess work out of her pantry, and I really dig that! Hello, labels! Basically, her pantry was on label steroids. Of course, labels aren't just for "Flour", "Sugar" and "Salt". I love the baskets labeled "Breakfast" or "Snacks". These are easy grabs for kiddos and grown-ups on-the-go. But you can jazz up your labels for "Baking", "Spices", "Nuts" (Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachios), etc. The options are limitless!

Mandy's pantry has several Lazy Susans for categorized spinning. She has healthy oils and fats, spices and flavors grouped together, but items that can stand up on their own (jars and bottles) and are heavy enough not to go flying when you gently spin the Lazy Susan should be just fine. Take a look at One Country to see Mandy's remedy for a disorganized pantry.

How to work it for less

You've already upcycled those random bins and containers in your home, now you just need to label them. Simple or decorative tags are up to you, just make it clear what's in your totes.

  • Grab some tape and a marker
  • Make a tag with a tie
  • Feeling fancy? Use a fun label maker

Lazy Susans come in a variety of options. If you don't really care too much about the spinning part, you can take a large plate and organize some goodies on that.

  • Simple kitchen turntable
  • Sectioned with dividers
  • Two-tiered - double organizing

Other helpful ideas to aid in your pantry organizing journey!

  • The walls are great places for hooks and baskets.
  • Use plastic/metal magazine holders for canned goods, cutting boards or aluminum foil boxes.
  • If you're a craftsman or craftswoman, you can build organizing items with extra materials at home.2
  • Keep your most frequently used items up front.
  • Leave occasionally used items toward the back of shelves.
  • Keep lighter weight items on the higher shelves.
  • Keep heavier items on the bottom shelves or floor.
  • SimpHome on YouTube features some clever organizing ideas using no damage self-adhesive hooks, if you have some handy!

Do what works for YOUR pantry

Obvi, I'm not hanging out with you in your kitchen discussing pantry possiblities over coffee, so you'll have to envision what's going to work for your space and preferences. Though these celebrities had professional organizing help, that doesn't mean you can't throw yourself into the organizing mix. By getting organized you'll know what's in your pantry, be able to use items more easily and maybe save a little cash.

This accomplishment is yours, and you get all the snaps!


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Sarah Sumner
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