Customer Release

In consideration of services offered by Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash, or any of its affiliates, I authorize Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash to use the following for the purposes of publicity, marketing and promotion of Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash's products and services without compensation to me:

  • My photograph or other likeness
  • My voice or quotes/excerpts of my written or verbally expressed words
  • My name or biographical information

I understand the above may be subject to reasonable modification or editing and may be distributed by means of various media including but not limited to publications, video or digital presentations, television or other media broadcasts/rebroadcasts, news releases, mail outs, brochures or Web sites. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, or any material in which Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash may use my image, voice, words or other items indicated above.

I understand that, although Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash will endeavor to use the above in accordance with standards of good judgment, Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash cannot guarantee that any further dissemination of the above will be subject to Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash supervision or control. Accordingly, I release Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash from any and all liability related to dissemination of my image, voice, words and other items indicated above. This consent and release shall be binding upon my heirs, successors, assigns and legal representatives.

I have read this document and understand its contents.