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Auto Equity Loans

If you have a car and you're in need of cash, an auto equity loan could be your solution. At Speedy Cash® you can qualify for an auto equity loan regardless of whether your vehicle is paid in full or not, and you can receive more cash than with a traditional payday loan. Using the equity of your car we help you get a cash loan through a simple application process. Best of all - you get to keep your vehicle!

What Are Auto Equity Loans?

An auto equity loan is based on the value and equity of your vehicle. We use the equity to help determine the loan amount, and you receive your cash without giving up or selling your car. The amount of money you will receive depends on the value of your car's equity, your monthly income and your ability to repay the loan. Borrowers can apply for a loan and leave with cash in hand the same day.

How Do I Repay an Auto Equity Loan?

Repaying an auto equity loan is simple. The repayment terms may either be fixed monthly payments or open-ended payments that require regular minimum payments.

How Can I Get An Auto Equity Loan?

To qualify for an auto equity loan you must first own-rather than lease-your personal vehicle. The vehicle must be in driving condition, and if it is not paid for, you must provide Speedy Cash with verification of your loan balance, as well as verification that you are current on payments from your vehicle's first lien holder.

What Do I Need To Apply?

•  A Vehicle in Driving Condition  •  Proof of Address  •  Verifiable Phone Number

Auto equity loans are available in Arizona, Kansas and Missouri Speedy Cash store locations. Loan guidelines will vary by state, but our friendly representatives are willing and ready to assist you and discuss your auto equity borrowing options. Contact us or visit the Speedy Cash location nearest you today for more information.