Fax and Copy Services

For users without access to a computer, fax machine, printer or copier, Speedy Cash®/Rapid Cash® fax and copy services come in handy. Stop counting pages! Most copy and fax providers will charge per page for these services, but we make getting copies and sending/receiving faxes easy and fast. Our customers enjoy fax and copy services free of charge*!

Sending and Receiving Faxes

Whether it's the doctor's office or the IRS requesting it, at some point or another most people need to send a fax. Faxing is simple and takes only minutes at Speedy Cash! Simply fill out an optional fax cover sheet (we'll provide at the store), provide us with the fax number and we'll send your fax immediately. Once the fax is received, we'll generate a confirmation page providing proof that the fax reached its destination.

Copying Services

Free* black and white copies is one of the many benefits of being a Speedy Cash customer! The process is simple. Bring in the pages you need copied and we'll copy your documents on the spot. It's fast, easy and convenient! Visit one of our 100+ Speedy Cash locations to make free copies today.

Have additional questions about sending faxes or making copies? Contact us or visit one of our store locations and one of our friendly representatives will gladly assist you.

*Quantity of free service is at each store manager's discretion.