Payday Loan Requirements

Unsure if you meet the qualifications for a payday loan? Requirements to get a payday loan differ by lender and state. Generally speaking, the items you need to apply are consistent across all payday lenders.

  • Meet the age requirements in your state

    (18 in most states)

  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Open and active bank account
  • Steady source of income
  • Working phone number

Let’s Get More Specific

While specific requirements may vary by lender, it’s best to be armed with the following when applying for a payday loan.

Personal Information

  • Valid ID
  • Home address
  • Valid phone number
  • Email address

    (typically required for online payday loans)

Income Information

  • Pay cycle frequency
  • Income type
  • Employer name, address & phone

    (if applicable)

  • Net & gross income amounts

Banking Account Information

  • Post-dated check

    (typically used as a form of repayment when applying at a payday loan store)

  • Debit card

    (for optional automatic payment)

  • Checking account & routing numbers

    (frequently used for online payments, but also used to fund online payday loans)

Additional Payday Loan Requirements

Income Verification
Some payday lenders may also require you to provide income verification. This requires you to provide your most recent bank statement showing the last 30 days of activity. Most lenders provide you with different options to submit income verification such as by logging into your account and taking a screenshot of your account activity or by emailing or faxing your bank statement.
Account Verification
If you’re applying for a payday loan online, then the lender may have practices in place to verify or authenticate your account. These steps are intended to keep your personal and financial information secure and prevent identify theft. Lenders may require you to verify via phone, SMS, email, or with specific questions about past credit or public records.

Apply for a Payday Loan

Once you have your requirements ready you can start an application online anytime. Applying takes only minutes and is followed by an instant lending decision.

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