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California Express Loans Online

Payday loans can be a great solution when you're in a pinch for some cash. But sometimes your financial needs can exceed the amount a payday loan can provide to California residents. When you find yourself in this situation, consider a California Express Loan - an online installment loan exclusively offered by Speedy Cash to select California Customers.

So how exactly do installment loans differ from payday loans? Great question! Our online Express Loans in California are medium-term loans that lend a flat $2,600. The loan amount is repaid gradually in scheduled payments over 42 months instead of the full amount being due on your next payday.

While an Express Loan will lend a much higher amount than a payday advance, it is also a bigger commitment. We understand that $2,600 is a lot of money, so Speedy Cash provides a much longer repayment term. We also understand that 42 months is a long time and your financial situation can change drastically during that period. That’s why we allow you to make additional payments when you can, so you can pay off your Express Loan early without the fear of penalties or fees.

Eligible Customers may have a payday loan and an installment loan open at the same time to better serve your financial needs.

Installment Loan Requirements

Considering an online installment loan but not sure if you qualify? If you have an open and active checking account, a steady source of income, and are 18 years old then you’re eligible to apply.

While we do consider many factors when making lending decisions, credit is one point of consideration for this loan.

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