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How Much Money Can I Put on My Prepaid Debit Card?

If you are in need of easy loans quick but want to make sure your money is safe, then a prepaid debit card from Speedy Cash is a great option for you. Having the money on a prepaid debit card is more secure than carrying around a lot of cash. If you aren’t getting a loan and are just interested in having a card for your money, the prepaid debit card is a handy tool. If you need to pay bills online with a card or if you're tired of bank fees and account minimums, a prepaid debit card may be the solution. Between the three types of cards, there are different rates and load limits, all of which are based on the way that the card will be used.

Pay As You Go Prepaid Debit Card

Pay As You Go Prepaid Card

The Pay As You Go card is ideal if you don't plan to use your card very often. Maybe you only plan to use it in emergency situations. There are small, transaction fees whenever you use it.

Monthly Prepaid Debit Card

Monthly Prepaid Card

The Monthly opt+ card is best if you plan to use your prepaid debit card more frequently. For instance, if you're getting a loan or only need the card short-term but plan to use it frequently, this is your card. It does have a monthly fee, but there are fewer transaction fees. If you use your pin number or make a debit purchase, there is a fee. If you use your signature, it's free. The load limit for this card is $2,500 per day.

Direct Deposit Prepaid Debit Card

Direct Deposit Prepaid Card

The Direct Deposit prepaid debit card is best if you plan to have your paycheck or another type of regular income directly deposited onto your card. If you want to use the card long-term and continue to put money on it, this is the card for you. There isn't a charge for direct deposits and there are no transaction fees.

Still Have Prepaid Debit Card Questions?

I can’t carry around cash anymore and I need a long-term debit card.

If you need a long-term debit card that will allow you to pay for bills online, or just don't want to carry cash around, the Direct Deposit prepaid debit card is best for you. Prepaid debit cards are a secure way to carry around your money without the risk of losing cash or having it stolen.

I have more than the maximum limit for the prepaid debit card; can I use multiple accounts for all of my money?

You can't use multiple accounts, but you can overload the maximum amount on the card. For instance, the maximum is $9,500, but you got a loan for $12,000. When you withdraw from your debit card, the extra $2,500 will fill the remainder of the card balance, keeping it at $9,500 until you use the extra $2,500.

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